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freelance translator/content writer since 1999 … and counting

featuring the main fields of expertise into Greek

I have been translating since 1999 non-stop; therefore over the years, I have dealt with various text types.
Since 2012, I have been dealing almost exclusively with technical and tourism translation as well as marketing texts for the web

Italian | English into Greek

translation | transcreation | content writing

machine translation | MTPE

Technical translation
Technical translation involves a variety of texts that address speicilaized and/or end users. Such texts are:

– user manuals
– appliaances
– devices

Tourism translation
Tourims translation requires unique writing skils that transform words into sensantions and images:

– boutique hotels
– catering services
– recreation products and services

Website translation
Website translation involves the process of localazation of a produvt or service aiming to reach a specific target audience. Websites often include different text types that require different approach, yet creating a sense of contuity.

– product or service description
– newsletters
– cosporate text type

Marketing translation
Marketing translation requires a special set of skills other than the linguistic ones. In a world that content is all that matters, the translation process extends beyond linguistic borders

– apps
– product or service description
– promotional material

cunsulting | machine translation

I am happy to put my experience at your service and help you figure out what your needs are in terms of translation an and help you find a solution that matches your needs.
Machine translation
I have become fond of tecnhology and realized that translation technology can help us achieve great results in trems of recourses..
I can implement different machine translation solutions after carefully examining the requirements of a translation project.