freelance translator since 1999

… in between deadlines

on specialization

Apparently, there is a “10,000 Hour Rule” which says that you need to practice a task for at least 10,000 hours to become an expert in it. If I think about it I’d say that the fact that I’ve been a freelance translator since 1999 and have racked more than 42,000 hours on translation over the time, makes me more than 4 times qualified!

on languages

I work with Italian, English and Greek and although I have spent many years in Italy, UK, Ireland and Spain I translate almost exclusively into my mother tongue, Greek.
I am proficient in Spanish and I do have a good understanding of Portuguese and French
and I am now learning Turkish which I really enjoy.

on background

Specialization is really cool. What makes it even cooler though is the right academic background. In that regard, I was lucky to have attended the amazing Translation Studies Department at the University of Trieste back in the 1990s under the guidance of some truly exceptional tutors. I was also extremely happy lucky to have attended Trinity College Dublin and Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.

on continuing education

Being a translator has given me the opportunity to deal with different kinds of texts from different fields; I really enjoyed some of them so I decided to invest more time, effort and resources into those areas. In the early days, I explored creative writing, adaptation and scriptwriting; then I moved to neurolinguistics and web writing while my latest achievements cover the internet, websites, social media, e-marketingtourism, growth-hacking to name a few.

MSc in e-business & digital marketing 

Translation and marketing share common grounds, as both disciplines have consumers/users/readers at the centre of their scope.
My experience in translating marketing texts has led me to seek a more in-depth understanding of the world of marketing, and I am now in a position to guide your business through the meanders of communication.